12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays!

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Holiday Pies!  Here’s 12 Delectable Pie Recipes for the Holidays! The holidays are right around the corner and for many of us, this means time spent with family and friends enjoying special meals. What better way to close out the meal than with a delicious pie?

Pie it up for the Holidays with an array of your favorite pie flavors from apple, chocolate, lemon, coconut, pumpkin, butterscotch, peanut butter and cherry

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Your feast won’t be complete without some pie somewhere on the table to share with friends and family!  



1. Dark Chocolate Silk Pie! It’s Delectable!

Whoa! Move over Willy Wonka!  Welcome to my dark chocolate fantasy. Be warned… This Dark Chocolate Silk Pie is so smooth and chocolatey, it’s criminal!  Hard not to be a holiday pie favorite!

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays!

2. Amish Peanut Butter Cream Pie

You’ll find this dreamy Amish Peanut Butter Cream Pie is very creamy, delicious and peanut buttery, but not over-powered with peanut butter! The whipped cream adds a lightness.  It so easy to make!  

Start out with a pre-made or home-made pie crust and bake it and fill it up!  It’s one of our easy holiday pie recipes that is super popular for all the holidays!

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays!

 3. Milky Way Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Welcome to Milky Way Caramel Apple Cheesecake land!  This is one dilly of a twist on caramel cheesecake that is toppled with lovely, gooey caramel, tart Granny Smith apples and rich Milk Way Caramel Apple Bars.

The presentation is beautiful with all those popping fall colors and it tastes amazing!  Who doesn’t love a wonderful, luscious cheesecake!?

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays!

4. Amish Country Pumpkin Custard Pie

This irresistible creamy, baked sweetened mixture of eggs, cream and pumpkin is a one of a kind pumpkin custard pie!   

This Amish Country Pumpkin Custard is the perfect pie for the holidays!  You might like these Mini Pumpkin Pies too!

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5. Peanut Butter Pie – It’s Phenomenal! {with Chocolate Ganache}

Can I just SAY ‘Phenomenal’? 

I’m talking about this decadent and silky Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie topped with a rich, chocolate ganache, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a creamy, peanut butter drizzle, all sitting on top of a thick graham cracker crust with a hint of cinnamon.

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays!

6. Marvelous Butterscotch Pie

Marvelous Butterscotch Pie! I tell you, it’s like no other and it’s one of the best pudding pies I’ve ever eaten. This is a mellow butterscotch pudding, it’s not overpowering, but has just enough rich flavor to be noticed.

It’s so creamy smooth and the pie crust and whipped topping in each bite, makes you want to scarf down the whole thing ASAP. Trust me, I know!!

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays!

7. Creamy Lemon Coconut Custard Pie

I’m sooooo loving this Creamy Lemon Coconut Custard Pie!  

I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to make an old-fashioned lemon custard pie or a coconut custard pie, so I combined the two ingredients ‘lemon’ and ‘coconut‘ together and this delicious treasure was created.

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays! easy holiday pie recipes

8. No-Bake Snickers Caramel Truffle Chocolate Cheesecake Pie

Calling all Snickers, Caramel Truffle and Chocolate Cheesecake lovers!  Does this include you? Easy as pie, which is actually what it is…PIE!

Easy no bake holiday pie recipes like this require no baking! Whip it up and pop it in the fridge for a bit.  It will be ready to ‘Rock n’ Roll’ and serve in 90 minutes!

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays! easy holiday pie recipes

9. White Chocolate Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake {No Bake}

This no-bake creamy, velvety Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake has all the good things! 

White chocolate, vanilla cheesecake, whipped cream and cherry pie filling and a delicious nutty graham cracker crust. Sooo heavenly!  We can’t get enough!

White Chocolate Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake {No Bake} easy holiday pie recipes

10. Swedish Apple Pie (aka Apple Crisp Pie)

Swedish Apple Pie is a great way to incorporate a sweet treat into your apple conversion of yumminess. 

So it’s somewhere between a pie and an apple crisp.  Buttery and delicious, and totally perfect with cardamom and cinnamon infused apples. It’s ‘awe’-amazing and perfect for easy holiday pie recipes to make!

Swedish Apple Pie (aka Apple Crack) easy holiday pie recipes

11. Luscious Lemon Sour Cream Pie!

Luscious Sour Cream Lemon Pie is bursting with just the right amount of sweet, tangy and tart lemon flavor in this creamy, yet rich phenomenal pie filling.

It’s perfectly suited for spring or summer via that sunshine, lemony, yellow color! So Pretty!! 

12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays! easy holiday pie recipes

12. “The Great Pumpkin” Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love the arousing combination of pumpkin pie and cheesecake?  HellooOO000?

“The Great Pumpkin” Cheesecake is filled with lovely aromatic pumpkin pie spices and the rich, velvety cheesecake is amazing!!! And don’t forget that buttery graham cracker crust. *major drools*  That vibrant great pumpkin color is so stunning!

“The Great Pumpkin” Cheesecake easy holiday pie recipes

With these 12 delectable pies, you’re sure to find something for everyone this holiday season. Whether it’s a traditional classic or something with a twist, these pies will make your meal extra special and leave everyone feeling satisfied.

Who’s ready for some easy holiday pie recipes, like now?  Enjoy these 12 Delectable Pies for the Holidays! 

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