Halloween Skull Cupcakes

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Who’s ready for a frightfully good Halloween party? These Halloween Skull Cupcakes will make everything sweeter when you want festive divine tasty treats to serve your little monsters!  Let’s Party!

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Halloween Skull Cupcakes

Short on time?  Here’s what you do!  Go buy some Nestlé’s Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Skulls!  Actually buy 2 or 3 bags.  You’ll want to hide them from everyone, until you make the cupcakes, at least!

Halloween Skull Cupcakes

Trust me.  Hide the Butterfinger Skulls!

The hubs found them in my chocolate stash tucked away, BUT, obviously not tucked away good enough.  Ummseriously?  Does he not know that I have a purpose for every chocolate purchase that I make?

How does he not know this?  After many, many years of observing my undying love for chocolate, he dares to trespass?  He knows how possessive ugly I get when anyone eats my chocolate without my approval? UGH!

Halloween Skull Cupcakes

Anyways, I was left with a half bag of Skulls…  I guess I’m going to have to put a lock on my drawer of chocolates.

Halloween Skull Cupcakes

And just when I thought it was safe for sprinkles, those went MIA as well!

I tore the kitchen up trying to find those and they were finally discovered on the kitchen table underneath some of his guitar parts.  I was beginning to think these Halloween Skull cupcakes were not going to be made.  Everything was starting to feel a little eerie!

Halloween Skull Cupcakes

But, I ate some Skulls and moved on, right?  Not quite yet.  Yes, I ate some Skulls, but then I had to buy more Skulls!  It was the perfect excuse to buy more.  LOL!

So, it was time.  Make the cupcakes!  You can make these the easy route.  Use your favorite cake mix and make cupcakes, whip up your favorite color of Halloween frosting by adding in some gel, add some decorative sprinkles and a Skull on top.  That’s it.  BAM!

How easy is that?  I love these Hocus Pocus Sprinkles from Fancy Sprinkles as well.  You can add a lot or just a few to your liking.  They are totally spooky cute!

Halloween Skull Cupcakes

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Halloween Skull Cupcakes

Halloween Skull Cupcakes

Kim Lange
Halloween Skull Cupcakes - A yummy take on Halloween Skull Cupcakes rockin' it out with Nestlé's Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Skulls as the main decorative on your festive cupcakes for your Halloween Bash! Throw on some sprinkles and Devour!
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Course Dessert


  • 1 box of your favorite Cake Mix
  • 3 tubs of Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
  • Color Gel - Purple
  • Sprinkles
  • 1 - 10.8- Ounce Bag of Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Skulls 24 pieces


  • Make cupcakes according to box with ingredients called out and let cool.
  • Frost cupcakes by either piping or frosting with a knife or frosting spatula.
  • Add sprinkles, then place the Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Skull in the middle
  • Devour!
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  1. Ooooh…these look scary and cute at the same time. I think that those are the yummiest skulls ever. I sometimes wonder whether we have more fun than the kids during Halloween …all that fun baking and eating up all the cake decorations and chocolate….I would definitely say that we have all the fun?. And loving that purple buttercream ?

  2. Haha – I’m constantly getting after Etienne for eating all of my ingredients, ESPECIALLY if it involves chocolate. The other day I was waiting to put some batter for chocolate loaf into a pan and I caught him eating it with a spoon. SERIOUSLY!? Anyway, these are super cute for Halloween! Love the purple!!

  3. Get them Catherine! OMG they are amazing and wonderful for Halloween! The bad thing is they are probably seasonal! We should probably stock up! 🙂

  4. These look so spooky and delicious Kim, I love them! I’m excited to try the Butterfinger skulls too, I didn’t know they existed–I’m definitely in trouble! 😉

  5. Get a lock on that drawer ASAP! I once broke up with my boyfriend for eating two Reese’s eggs I’d left in his freezer; it was after Easter and I couldn’t get them anymore and he didn’t even ask! Stealing chocolate should be punishable by hard labor :). These cupcakes are just too cute!

  6. Love this easy project that yields such impressive results! Great color you attained on the buttercream! I love halloween treats, don’t you!?

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