Microwave Chocolate Tempering Tips

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These Microwave Chocolate Tempering Tips will make your life easier than the old-fashioned stove-top method for melting chocolate for all your dessert recipes! No fuss & quick!

 Which means, I can temper my own chocolate using chocolate chips, bars or melts easily right in the microwave!  I can whip up tempered chocolate even sooner AND I won’t be working up a sweat over the stove, because I’ll be microwaving instead of preparing it the old-fashioned way.

Maybe I’m just a quick ‘Chocolate Tempering Snob’…

Not to be confused with ‘slob’, although…hmm. Anyways, anything I can do in the microwave, I’m going to!  So, “Let be known” (like that wicked spell from Malificent) that microwaving is my preferred way of chocolate tempering!  I just don’t have the patience for the stove-top method!

I do have a ‘chocolate melting’ button on my microwave that I use quite often, so the timing calculations are already factored in.   BTW…That is not considered cheating!  I just started using it, only because I finally figured out my microwave.  It would be to easy to read the instructions, right?  Gah….seriously!

The equipment you’ll need for our Microwave Chocolate Tips!

You’ll need a microwave safe bowl, a rubber spatula and if you want to check yourself, a thermometer that reads temperatures between 80-130°F. 

Dark Chocolate; 88 °F (31 °C)
Milk Chocolate; 86 °F (30 °C)
White Chocolate; 83 °F (28 °C)  

First, make sure you’re tempering with premium, quality chocolate!   

I personally love working with premium chocolate bars, and there are lots of premium chocolates out there on Amazon or your local grocery store to choose from.  You can always use chocolate chips and chocolate discs, or chocolate candy melts too. 

But when you’re rough chopping your chocolate, may I suggest using a kitchen knife brand called Kuma that I’ve been testing for over a couple of months now?   It’s amazing!  It’s sharp, cuts so clean and and it’s my new favorite weapon in my kitchen. 

Quick Chocolate Tempering Tips

I have been using it for rough and fine chopping and slicing up M&M’s, malted milk balls, cookie bars and brownies, chocolate candy bars and cakes.  On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve used it on slicing and dicing carrots, peppers, onions, steaks, chicken and breads and so on.  You need a really good knife that is dependable and I’ve had this Kuma knife for years!!

The price and quality are a steal.  If you’re interested, read the reviews on Amazon or Kuma Knives. 🙂

Quick Chocolate Tempering Tips

Now for the Microwave Chocolate Tips: 

  • Melt chocolate on high power at 1 minute interval, stirring thoroughly for 10-15 seconds (chocolate will just be starting to melt) and place back in microwave.

  • Repeat Step 1 melting process for 30 seconds and stir thoroughly, then place back in microwave.
  • Continue stirring and repeat 30 seconds more and stir thoroughly until chocolate is completely melted through.

  • When it has reached the range below, the chocolate will be tempered and ready to work with for chocolate coating, candies, barks or using in frostings, brownies, etc..  It should have a nice sheen and be very smooth. 
  • Another way you can consider tempering is by using the double boiler method.  If you’re interested in that option and want to see what it’s all about go check out Chocoley for that breakdown.

 I like to let the chocolate set a little bit to cool down before using, like 2-5 minutes.  If your chocolate is too thick, add a teaspoon of canola or vegetable oil to your melted chocolate and mix. Add more if needed, but don’t go overboard, otherwise, your chocolate could become too runny or melt easier when it’s above room temperature.

In the end, tempering chocolate the microwave way, you have less items to clean, it’s fast and painless!!! I just prefer easy, so if you do too, microwave away with these easy microwave chocolate tips!

Want to make your own chocolate?  Here’s the Guide to Making Homemade Chocolate over at the Porch!

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  1. I am trying to make an UNSWEETENED chocolate drizzle for an orange layer cake. I have had a hard time getting it thin enough. Any thoughts? i have been using Baker’s Unsweetened chococlate.

  2. Oh gosh I am jelaous of yout tempering skills! These are great tips and the quality of ingredients and tools really makes a difference. Thanks for sharing your tips

  3. It does take some patience and testing for sure. I’ve tried it in 15, 30, and 60 second increments. I like doing 60 seconds and then I go to 30 second and then 2 – 15 second increments, whisking in between, while adding chocolate each time. It works pretty well using good quality chocolate and smaller chocolate bits when melting to get a nice, shiny gloss. 😉

  4. I’m too lazy to use the double-boiler method to melt my chocolate and always-rely on my trusty microwave. But, it is all about the sheen in a well tempered chocolate and am with Kelsie, it does require patience. That said, love…. love the details. Hopefully, I can get my act together on a bright sunny day and melt my chocolate shiny and glossy!

  5. Yes I do have that chocolate melting button!! Best microwave ever! 🙂 I love doing it in the microwave, it’s super easy, especially when you get it down pat Kelsie! <3

  6. Do you really have a chocolate melting button? That’s awesome! I don’t think mine has that but I haven’t read the instructions, either :). I hate tempering chocolate because inevitably I mess it up and it’s so time-consuming BUT I’ve never tried doing it in the microwave. I’m trying this ASAP! Thank you Kim! Have a great weekend!

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